The Evolution of a Storyteller

        I am so lucky to make a living doing what I love!  It’s amazing to think I have been a photographer for over half my life, and even more amazing to think about how I have changed – both personally and professionally.

    When I was just starting out as a photographer I only knew how to use natural light. Like most amateur photographers I used shade or  waited patiently for the ‘golden hour’ just before sunset to get my best shots.  I didn't realize how limited I was by relying only on natural light and having so little knowledge on how to overcome bad light at other times of day.   I also noticed how it seems so many photogs' work all looks the same which was NOT where I wanted to be.

    Everything changed when I REALLY learned how to use light; especially off-camera flash.  I wanted to set myself apart from the amateur crowd and really ‘wow’ my clients so I chose an approach of “creating images” instead of just “taking pictures” like everybody else.  I went to lighting workshops to learn off-camera flash, invested in new gear, and spent endless hours practicing and perfecting my skills.  As a result, I’ve developed my own signature style.  You’ll see countless examples of my lighting technique all over my website and I’ve been able to apply these skills not just to weddings but also to commercial/advertising work, corporate events, and portraits/headshots.

    And evolution continues as I’ve added video to my skill set.  Ever since my days as a journalism major in Texas, I've considered myself a storyteller.  I love how video provides a whole new way to tell stories: documenting the voices, movement and emotions of my subjects.   These videos will help companies build their brands, allow brides and grooms to relive their special day or give an entrepreneur an edge in promoting their new product or service.

This is what I was meant to do, and I am so fortunate that I continue to find new and better ways to do it.

Thank you for considering me for your next life event!

Curious to know what I'm like on the job?  Here is a Behind-the-Scenes video of my team and I on a wedding.  The same enthusiasm and  professionalism would apply to a corporate event, portrait session or commercial photo shoot.

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Harley Bonham Photography, behind the scenes